Praise for my first novel, The Highway-Song Holy-Roller Lovesick Rebellion:

  • Jim and Joyce Levine (best-selling authors of more than forty books including The Stock Car Racing Mystery Series and The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel) said my writing was “fast-paced, humorous and a delight to read.”

Praise for my short stories:

Myth of the Reciprocating Firearm

  • “A well written, haunting story.”  — George Wilhite, Editor at Static Movement Print Books

Dr. Xiang and the Mouth in His Stomach

  • “Wild adventure, nice balance between a bit of genuine horror and over-the-top humor.” — John Towler, Editor at Everyday Fiction
  • “This was truly a zany piece, I enjoyed reading it.” — Carol Clark, Editor atEveryday Fiction
  • “Very good writing and an unexpected yet inevitable ending.” —Camille Gooderham Campbell, Managing Editor at Everyday Fiction


My Mother’s Bra Size.

  • “Short, funny, and kinda dirty? We’ll take it. And it’s true to the spirit of the original song.” — Eirik Gumeny, Editor at Jersey Devil Press
  • “This story was like eating a potato chip…salty, delicious, and I want more! Nice job.” — Danger Slater, Author of the novel, Love Me.

Dear Bald Neighbor Who Keeps Mowing Two Extra Swipes Into My Yard

  • “Good stuff.”— Joseph A. W. Quintela, Editor at Short, Fast, and Deadly

Praise for my Poetry:

My Sister-In-Law and My Father is the Reason I’m Addicted to Nicotine

  • “These both hit like a ton of bricks, but were also well-crafted, which makes them even better.” — Maxwell Baumbach, Editor at Heavy Hands Ink
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